Terms and Conditions

Before using our services, read carefully the following Terms and Conditions. Access to this site is conditioned upon your agreement to these conditions and compliance with them. Terms and Conditions apply only to registered users.


+Our service is only available to registered users. Registration is free.
+When registering, a user must provide a username, valid email address and password. These data only serve to list shoes for sale.
+The provider does not guarantee the veracity of the data provided by the user.
+Each user can only have one profile.

Web Functioning

+SneakLi provides users web space, in which they can list, under these Terms and Conditions, their shoes, buy or trade shoes listed by other users and communicate with each other.
+Users do not pay sneakli.com any fees for the provided services.
+Website sneakli.com is not responsible for the quality, availability and the veracity of description of the listed shoes.
+Users are not allowed to list fake shoes.
+Users are not allowed to list, trade or sell other things than shoes.
+Users are not allowed to write about or present things that are in conflict with applicable binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic. These are mainly weapons, narcotics and addictive substances.
+Payment terms are defined by users themselves, the same applies to shipping terms.
+Users are not allowed to include any links to online stores in his/her profile or in his/her listing.

User Rights and Responsibilities

+Users are obligated to carefully consider the credibility of contractors prior to closing the deal. The provider bears no responsibility.
+Users are responsible for negotiating the terms of sale, price and shipping. Terms are set by the users.
+Returns or/and other claims are sorted out between respective users themselves. The provider bears no responsibility.
+It is prohibited to use Website sneakli.com for illegal activities, fraud or/and illegal transactions.
+By inserting photos, the user agrees not to violate copyright laws. If the user exposes photos of another person he/she must have their consent. Inserted photos must not be in conflict with applicable legislation of the Czech Republic.

Rights and responsibilities of sneakli.com

+Sneakli is entitled to delete a user's profile and delete his/her listings if these Terms and Conditions are violated.

If these Terms and Conditions are violated, the provider reserves the right to remove any maleficent content immediately, without any prior notice. If you find any content that is in conflict with these Terms and Conditions, please contact us. These Terms and Conditions are valid from 8 November 2013.

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